Yosef Name Meaning and Origin

Yosef is a Boy name. The name is originated from ‘Hebrew’ origin. The baby name Yosef means “God Raises”.


Yosef Origin:

Origin of the name is: “Hebrew”



Yosef is a Boy name.



The pronunciation of the name is: “YO + zef”


Yosef Name Meaning:

Yosef is a Hebrew variant of Joseph. Joseph originates in Hebrew language and means “God raises”. In The Book of Genesis, Joseph was the son of Jacob and Rachel. As a male given name it has been used over centuries, and in different spellings all over the world.



It is a baby name.





Variations or similar name:

Yoseif, Yosei, Sefi, Yossi, Yehosef, Yosifya, Yosifel, Seff, Yosufya, Yosi


Famous people with this name:

Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, Russian-American Orthodox rabbi, leader of Chabad;

Yosef Elboim, Israeli rabbi, leader of the Third Temple movement;

Joseph ben Ephraim Karo, medieval Spanish-Ottoman rabbi, author of Shulchan Aruch;

Shmuel Yosef Agnon, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature




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