Viveca Name Meaning and Origin

Viveca is a Girl name. The name is originated from: Scandinavian. The baby name Viveca means “Alive, Life”.


Viveca Origin:

Origin of the name is: “Scandinavian from Teutonic”



Viveca is a Girl name.



The pronunciation of the name is: “Not available”


Viveca Name Meaning:

The name Viveca means “alive, life; place of refuge”. It is a feminine baby name.



It is a baby name.





Variations or similar name:

Vivica, Viveka, Vivika, Vivecka


Famous people with this name:

(Elsa) Viveca Torstensdotter Lindfors, Swedish-American actress;

Viveca Lindfors, Finnish figure skater;

Viveca Sten, Swedish novelist;

Viveca Larn, Swedish children’s author;

Viveca Elisabeth Marianne Serlachius, Finnish-Swedish actress;

Viveca Paulin, Swedish actress;

Viveca Vázquez, Puerto Rican dancer




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