Martin Name Meaning and Origin

Martin is a Boy name. The name is originated from ‘Latin’ origin. The baby name Martin means “Rendered To Mars”.


Martin Origin:

Origin of the name is: “Latin”



Martin is a Boy name.



The pronunciation of the name is: “MAHR + tan”


Martin Name Meaning:

Martin is derived from Martinus, which in Latin means “rendered to Mars”. Mars was the Roman god of war, known to the Greeks as god Ares. Martin is a popular male given name not only in the United States, but in different spellings all over the world. It is also the fourth planet in the solar system.



It is a Christian baby name.





Variations or similar name:



Famous people with this name:

Saint Martin, Bishop of Tours, France;

Martin Luther, Protestant German reformer;

Martin Van Buren, 8th U.S. president ;

Martin Luther King Jr., American civil rights campaigner;

Martin Freeman, English actor;

Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence, American comedic actor;

Martin Charles Scorsese, American film director;

Martin Hayter Short, Canadian actor;

Martin John Christopher Freeman, English actor;

Martin Klein, American science historian;

Martin William Kratt, American educational nature show host;

Martin Dale Chambers, drummer in rock band The Pretenders;

Martin James Aldridge, English professional footballer;

Martin Starr, American actor;

Martin Lewis Perl, American physicist and Nobel prize winner;

Martin Rinkart, German hymnist;

Martin John Rees, British cosmologist and astrophysicist;

Martin James Landau, American film & television actor;

Martin Sheen (born Ramon Antonio Gerardo Estevez), American actor;

Martin Garrix (born Martijn Garritsen), Dutch EDM Producer;

(Alexander) Martin Clunes, English actor;

Martin Aronow (b. 2014), son of American actress Leelee Sobieski;

Arnold Martin “Arnie” Kavalee (b.2017), son of Tiffiny Hall & Ed Kavalee;

Martin Kahane (b. 1932) born Martin Kahane before changing his first name to Meir, famously known as;

Rabbi Meir Kahane ;

Martin E. Marty (b. 1928) American Lutheran religious Scholar ;

Martin Jones, Canadian hockey player for the NHL




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