Lauretta Name Meaning and Origin

Lauretta is a girl name. The name is originated from ‘Italian, Latin’ origin. The baby name Lauretta means “Bay Laurel Tree”.


Lauretta Origin:

Origin of the name is: “Italian, Latin”



Lauretta is a girl name.



The pronunciation of the name is: “law + RET + tah”


Lauretta Name Meaning:

Lauretta is an Italian diminutive of Laura. Laura originates in Latin language and means “bay laurel tree”. In the Greco-Roman era, laurel was used as a symbol of victory, fame and honor. It is taken from the name of an aromatic evergreen large shrub.



It is a Christian baby name.





Variations or similar name:

Lauret, Laurette, Loret, Loreta, Loretta, Lorretta


Famous people with this name:

Lauretta Ngcobo – writer




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