Heather Name Meaning and Origin

Heather is a girl name. The name is originated from ‘English’ origin. The baby name Heather means “Flowering Plant”.


Heather Origin:

Origin of the name is: “English”



Heather is a girl name.



The pronunciation of the name is: “HE + dhar”


Heather Name Meaning:

Heather originates in Middle English language and is taken from the word for a pink or white flowering plant. In the English-speaking countries it has been used since the 19th century and has been a very popular feminine given name until today in the United States, as well as the United Kingdom. A famous bearer is the American actress Heather Locklear, known for her roles in the TV series Dynasty and Melrose Place.



It is a Christian baby name.





Variations or similar name:



Famous people with this name:

Heather Graham – actress

Heather Locklear – actress

Heather Ashley – actress

Heather Barber – model

Heather Buck – writer

Heather Donahue – actress

Heather Grace – writer

Heather Headley – musician

Heather Hunter – actress

Heather Kent – actress

Heather Lewis – writer

Heather Marshall – writer

Heather Menzies – writer




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