Gunnar Name Meaning and Origin

Gunnar is a Boy name. The name is originated from ‘Old Norse’ origin. The baby name Gunnar means “Army”.


Gunnar Origin:

Origin of the name is: “Old Norse”



Gunnar is a Boy name.



The pronunciation of the name is: “GUH + ner”


Gunnar Name Meaning:

Gunnar is a Scandinavian version of the Anglo-Saxon name Gunther, derived from the Old German ‘gund-heri’ which means ‘battle-army’



It is a baby name.





Variations or similar name:

Gunther, Gunter, Guntar


Famous people with this name:

Gunnar Hámundarson aka Gunnar of Hlioarendi, Icelandic chieftain;

Gunnar Nelson, Icelandic mixed martial artist ;

Gunnar Einarsson, Icelandic footballer;

Gunnar Peterson, American celebrity physical trainer;

(Karl) Gunnar Myrdal, Swedish economist; winner of the Nobel Prize;

(Johan) Gunnar Gren, Swedish footballer;

Gunnar Vingren, Swedish Pentecostal missionary ;

Gunnar Fridtjof Thurmann Sonsteby, leader of the Norwegian resistance in WWII;

Gunnar Nilsson, Swedish racing driver;

(Nils) Gunnar Nordahl, Swedish footballer;

Gunnar Sizemore, American voice actor;

Gunnar Heinsohn, German author and sociologist;

Gunnar Deatherage, American fashion designer and contestant on “Project Runway” ;

Gunnar Eric Nelson, American musician, son of actor/musician Ricky Nelson, twin brother of Matthew Gray Nelson;

Gunnar Esiason (b. 1991), son of NFL player Boomer Esiason;

Gunnar Tiga Peterson (b. 2000), son of reality TV personality Gervase Peterson (“Survivor”);

Gunnar Flowers (b. 2009), son of singer Brandon Flowers of The Killers;

Gunnar West Montana (b. 2014), son of country singer Randy Montana;

Gunnar Carmack Gray (b. 2015), son of baseball player Sonny Gray;

Gunnar Knox Klinkhammer (b. 2015), son of ice hockey player Rob Klinkhammer




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