Elmer Name Meaning and Origin

Elmer is a Boy name. The name is originated from ‘English, Germanic’ origin. The baby name Elmer means “The Riverbank Where Elm Trees Grow”.


Elmer Origin:

Origin of the name is: “English, Germanic”



Elmer is a Boy name.



The pronunciation of the name is: “EL + mar”


Elmer Name Meaning:

Elmer is a modern version of an Old English place name, most likely Elmour or Elmore, derived from two words – elm which means the elm tree, and ofer which means a river bank



It is a Christian baby name.





Variations or similar name:

Aymer, Elmir, Aylmer, Aylmar, Elmar


Famous people with this name:

Elmer Rice, American playwright;

Elmer Sperry, American inventor;

Elmer Bernstein, American composer;

Elmer Drew Merrill, American botanist;

Elmer Francis Layden, American NFL player, coach and commissioner;

(John William) Elmer Thomas, U.S. Senator from Oklahoma;

Elmer James Lach, Canadian ice hockey player;

Elmer Dessens (Jusaino), Mexican baseball player;

Elmer Ellsworth “Sy” Sutcliffe, American baseball player;

Elmer Earl “Butch” Hartman, American animator




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