Cheryl Name Meaning and Origin

Cheryl is a Girl name. The name is originated from ‘Latin’ origin. The baby name Cheryl means “Darling”.


Cheryl Origin:

Origin of the name is: “Latin”



Cheryl is a Girl name.



The pronunciation of the name is: “SHER + al/CHER + al”


Cheryl Name Meaning:

Cheryl originates in French language and means “darling, beloved”. It is probably a combination of the names Cherie and Beryl. Since then, it has been a fairly popular feminine given name. It is relatively new and has been used since the 20th century.



It is a Christian baby name.





Variations or similar name:

Sharyl, Cherell, Sheryl, Charyl, Cheryl-Lee, Sharel, Charel, Cheriann, Sheril, Cheryll, Sharil, Cherelle, Cheryle, Sharyll, Cherilynn, Shyrill,


Famous people with this name:

Cheryl Cole (born Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini), English singer;

Cheryl Ladd (born Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor), American actress;

Cheryl Ann Tweedy, English singer of group Girls Aloud;

Cheryl Stephanie Burke, American dancer;

Cheryl Ruth Hines, American actress;

Cheryl R. James aka Salt, American rapper of group Salt-n-Pepa;

Cheryl Strayed, American memoirist and author;

Cheryl Lynn (born Lynda Cheryl Smith-Sunset), American disco singer;

Cheryl Bernard, Canadian Olympic curler;

Cheryl Studer, German operatic soprano;

Cheryl Elizabeth Gamble aka Coko, American R&B singer;

Cheryl Hickey, Canadian TV journalist;

Cheryl Fergison, English actress;

Cheryl Lynn Holdridge, American actress;

Cheryl D. Miller, American basketball player, coach and reporter;

Cheryl Baker (born Rita Maria Crudgington), English TV presenter and singer of group Bucks Fizz;

Cheryl Rae Tiegs, American model;

Cheryl Gates McFadden, American actress and choreographer




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