Andrew Name Meaning and Origin

Andrew is a Boy name. The name is originated from ‘Greek’ origin. The baby name Andrew means “Virile”.


Andrew Origin:

Origin of the name is: “Greek”



Andrew is a Boy name.



The pronunciation of the name is: “AN + droo”


Andrew Name Meaning:

Andrew originates in Greek language and means “virile, manly”. In the New Testament, Andrew was an apostle and the first disciple of Jesus. As a male given name it started gaining popularity in the 1950s and currently it’s one of most popular names in the US. Some sources suggest that the Greek name Andrew was actually just a nickname or a translation of the original Hebrew name of the apostle that is not known.



It is a Christian baby name.





Variations or similar name:

Drew, Andy


Famous people with this name:

Saint Andrew the Apostle;

Andrew I-III, Kings of Hungary;

Andrew Jackson, 7th U.S. president;

Andrew Johnson, 17th U.S. president;

Andrew Albert Christian Edward, Prince of the United Kingdom, Duke of York;

Andrew Carnegie, Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist;

Andrew William Mellon, American banker, industrialist and ambassador;

Andrew James Breitbart, American entrepreneur, conservative commentator;

Andrew Lloyd Webber, English composer;

Andrew Scott Zimmern, American celebrity chef and TV personality;

Andrew Russell Garfield, American-British actor;

Andrew Lincoln (born Andrew James Clutterbuck), English actor;

Andrew Newell Wyeth, American painter;

Andrew “Andy” Warhol, American pop artist;

Andrew Mark Cuomo, American politician, 56th governor of New York;

Andrew, Prince of Greece and Denmark, father of Britain’s Prince Philip;

Andrew W.K. (born Andrew Fetterly Wilkes-Krier), American musician;

Andrew Schmucker, Amish man on TV’s “Breaking Amish: LA”;

Andrew Scott Rannells, American actor;

Andrew James Stewart Ference, Canadian ice hockey player;

Andrew Poje, Canadian ice dancer;

Andrew Clement “Andy” Serkis, English motion-capture actor;

Andrew Roane “Andy” Dick, American actor/comedian;

Andrew Eppley Shue, American actor;

Andrew Dennis Biersack, lead singer of American rock band Black Veil Brides;

Andrew James “Andy” Lawrence, American actor;

Paul Andrew “Andy” Richter, American actor/comedian;

Andrew Geoffrey “Andy” Kaufman, American comedian;

Andrew Dice Clay, American comedian;

Andrew Wegman Bird, American singer-songwriter;

Andrew Roy “Andy” Gibb, English musician of The Bee Gees;

Andrew, Prince of Yugoslavia;

Andrew Miller, brother of actress Addy Miller;

Andrew Christopher Brown, lead singer of British band Lawson;

Andrew Cavarno, American actor; twin brother Steven Cavarno;

Andrew Barron ‘Andy’ Murray, Scottish tennis player;

Andrew Michael Reynolds, American pro skateboarder;

Andrew Boulton Firestone, American reality TV personality (“The Bachelor”);

Andrew Hussie, American web comics artist;

Andrew Eugene “Andy” Pettitte, American baseball pitcher;

Andrew Alexander “Andy” Cole, English footballer;

Andrew Walter “Andy” Reid, American NFL football coach;

Andrew Scott, Irish actor ;

Andrew “Andy” John Hurley, drummer of American band Fall Out Boy;

Andrew Austen Luck, American NFL football player;

Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, Chinese computer scientist;

Andrew Charles “Andy” Benes, American baseball pitcher;

Andrew Alturo Fahie, 3rd Premier of the British Virgin Islands;

Andrew Nicholas Duff, English MEP;

Andrew Henry William Brons, English MEP;

Andrew Miller, American baseball pitcher;

Andrew James “AJ” Ellis, Miami Marlins baseball catcher;

Andrew Susac, Milwaukee Brewers baseball catcher;

Andrew Sebastian Benintendi, American baseball outfielder;

Andrew Wooten, German-American professional soccer player;

Andrew Brown, American YouTuber;

Andrew Demese Gillum, American politician, mayor of Tallahassee, Florida;

Andrew Nicolas Hargitay Hermann (adopted 2011), son of actress Mariska Hargitay




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