Aline Name Meaning and Origin

Aline is a Girl name. The name is originated from ‘French’ origin. The baby name Aline means “Graceful And Noble”.


Aline Origin:

Origin of the name is: “French, Germanic, Portuguese”



Aline is a Girl name.



The pronunciation of the name is: ” a + LEEN”


Aline Name Meaning:

Aline is a French and Portuguese diminutive of Adelina, itself a diminutive of Adela. Adela originates in Germanic languages and means “graceful and noble”. She was a celebrated 7th century Frankish princess. Saint Adela founded the monastery in Pfazel, France.



It is a Christian baby name.





Variations or similar name:

alaina , alan , alayna , aleena , alhena , alhina , alina , aline , alyaan , aolani , eilin , elena , eleni , elina , elna , ilana , ilena , ilina , yalina , yalinee , yalini , yuliana


Famous people with this name:

Aline MacMahon, American actress;

Aline Bernstein, American Broadway costume designer;

Aline Kilmer, poet and wife of Joyce Kilmer;

Aline Brosh McKenna, American screenwriter;

Aline Pellegrino, Brazilian soccer player;

Aline Chretien, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien;

Aline B. Saarinen, American art critic;

Aline Kuppenheim, Chilean actress;

Aline Simone “Line” Noro, French actress;

Aline Barta, American actress;

Eve Aline Plumb, American actress;

Aline Mineiro (b. 1991) Brazilian actress & Model




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