Aaron Name Meaning and Origin

Aaron is a Boy name. The name is originated from ‘Greek’ origin. The baby name Aaron means “Mountain Of Strength”.


Aaron Origin:

Origin of the name is: “Greek”



Aaron is a Boy name.



The pronunciation of the name is: “AR + an/ER + an”


Aaron Name Meaning:

Aaron originates in Hebrew language and is derived from Aharon. Aharon is the name of the elder brother of Moses in the Old Testament. The true meaning of the name is not known although some sources suggest that it stands for a ‘mountain of strength’.



It is a Christian baby name.





Variations or similar name:

aaranay , aarian , aarin , aaron , aarunya , aaryan , aran , aranya , araon , arean , areen , arhaan , arhan , arin , arine , ariyan , arnoh , aroon , arun , aryaan , aryan , aryan  , aryana , eeren , irana , irin , orion


Famous people with this name:

Aaron Simon Gross, director and actor;

Aaron, brother of Moses, Biblical figure;

Aaron John Boone, American baseball player;

Aaron Burr, third US Vice President ;

Aaron Copland, American composer;

Aaron Mitchell Dismuke, American voice actor;

Aaron Edward Eckhart, American actor;

Aaron Roderick Gillespie, American drummer/vocalist of band UnderOath;

Aaron Michael Hernandez, American football player;

Aaron Jermaine Ross, American football player;

Aaron James Crow, American baseball player;

Aaron Helmer Sele, American baseball player;

Aaron Klug, English chemist and astrophysicist;

Aaron Lewis, American singer of band Staind;

Aaron Michael Miller, American ice hockey player;

Aaron Montgomery Ward, American businessman;

Aaron Neville, American R&B singer;

Aaron Parchem, American figure skater;

Aaron Paul (Sturtevant), American actor;

Aaron Anderman Poreda, American baseball player;

Aaron Charles Rodgers, American football player;

Aaron Solowoniuk, drummer of American band Billy Talent;

Aaron Spelling, American film and television producer;

Aaron Benjamin Sorkin, American screenwriter, producer and playwright;

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (born Aaron Perry Johnson), English actor;

Aaron Kyle Tveit, American actor;

Aaron Abeyta aka El Hefe, guitarist of American band NOFX;

Aaron Ashmore, Canadian actor; twin brother Shawn Ashmore;

Aaron Michael Metchik, American actor;

Aaron Temkin Beck, American psychiatrist and professor;

Aaron Kwok (Fu-shing), Hong Kong singer, actor and dancer;

Aaron Kendrik De Niro, son of actor Robert De Niro;

Liam Aaron McDermott, son of actor Dean McDermott;

Aaron Chartrand, Canadian actor;

Aaron Jay Hanley, son of Michelle Heaton & Hugh Hanley;

Aaron Springer, American writer, director, animator, and storyboard artist (“SpongeBob SquarePants”) ;

Aaron Diaz Spencer, Mexican actor;

Aaron James Ramsey, Welsh football player;

Aaron James Judge, American baseball player;

Aaron Staton, American actor;

Aaron Lennon, English professional footballer;

Aaron Dell, Canadian hockey player




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